'The Unreliable Narrator' EP

Horror Cult!

By now, we hope most of your have heard (or heard of) our favorite dirty goth boys' new EP, The Unreliable Narrator. For those who haven't:
1. Shame on you.
2. Here's what you've missed:

In early November, our heroes braved snowstorms to lock themselves away in Oliva from Bad Pollyanna's house, where they recorded four songs that really sound nothing like each other, because who needs genres, right? Our beloved Mr. Nikki Kontinen played "Producer Daddy" and kept them in check.

Here's how it all went down:

Soon thereafter, they made our rounds from Bristol Town to London to Keighley spreading holiday cheer and their new music to your lovely faces with their boyfriends in As Sirens Fall.

(Oh, and they released The Winter Split with them. Here ASF are putting that sweet Sirens spin on "Down We Go")

We sang along to"Tragic Songs" and all was right with the world.


The Narrator

Here's how to get your hands on The Unreliable Narrator:
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