'How To Bleed' Turns One!

Dearest Horror Cult:

On 18 April, 2016 we released How To Bleed. It's been a beautiful year since. Today, we asked for memories you associate with the album. Here are just a few of them. Thank you for sharing this album and a little part of your life with us. x

"First thing you guys released after I started going to gigs (thanks to you!) and therefore my first headline show."—@thatmadalex

"It's the album that got my mum into you guys and she says she's gonna fight my dad over who gets to go with me to see you again next time."—@Simple_Plan19

"I broke both my thumbs in one go at your gig [when Falkor fell on me]! it was awesome."—@Captain_Lokii

"whole album will take too long but I Could Never Miss You got me through the hardest month or so of my life last October."—@everfadingyouth

"Thank you for getting me through a really hard time. Sorry about doing the ugly cry every time I hear ["Bound And Broken" or "The Ghost In The Machine"] live."—@HeggieFVK

"Listening to this album will always remind me of when i first bought it and just walked around my neighborhood and listened to it as loud as my headphones could be. Down We Go has become my anthem, and I cant wait to be able to see you guys live again"—@middlefingermakeup

"my parents asked what i was listening to one time and when i said "how to bleed" their response was : "i dont think you should listen to that band, they sound a bit odd"—@scarybaker

"I was pretty ill around the time this was released and touring so i couldnt go to the shows so my sister went to the Brum one and bought me the album and got u all to sign it and posted it to me 💜 spent the next few weeks listening to it on repeat while i recovered, love you guys"—@christdaisy

"I remember seeing the video for Down We Go for the first time and being so proud! Also, it made me remember when we scared that poor guy in the elevator in London. Xx"—@mamiehades

" First listened to it on the beach, totally alone one night. Just sat there with headphones in and livetweeted my reactions. Now whenever an album comes out that I know I'll like, I wait til the night time and go down to the beach. Also 6 weeks of lessons from Falkor on Down We Go and 4 on Horror Cult. Great times"—Rhee

"I don't know about a particular story, just that it's been a huge part of my life since day 1 and I still listen to it every single day. And the fact I smiled so much my face ached when I got the physical album and saw I got a mention in the thank yous. Thanks for that."—Jake

"I use it to wake up children on scout camps, nothing like a bit of not in my name to convince them to shift"—Matthew

"Watching ashes play their first Download Festival Set and Katie seeing them for the first time. So proud of you guys"—Chey

"My wee girl loved it, always smiled when I played it and she is only 1 years old. So do I obviously."—Emma